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If you didn’t catch all of Heidi’s latest media appearances, please review them here:

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Fireside Chat: How Technology is Changing Workplace Culture in Real-Time

Join me and my special guests as we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the role of technology in the workplace by relying more on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.



7 Ways to Master Professionalism in a Virtual Work World

Of course times have changed. But some things should not slip. Professionalism and care in presentation are two of them.


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FOX 32: Tips to Follow as Vaccines Roll Out

As more and more people get vaccinated, it's important to follow the proper etiquette.



7 Not-So-Soft Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs

Mastering these seven "soft" skills can empower an entrepreneur to build more engaged and productive teams and reach new business heights.



Don’t Let Technology Steal Your Communication Thunder

To thrive in a virtual workplace, your communication skills may need an upgrade.



FOX 32: Six Rules for Dining Out in 2021

In this appearance, Heidi shares her tips for dining out safely — and politely — once the worst of the pandemic is over.



You Can Become a Good Listener — and You Should

This underrated soft skill will greatly improve your ability to communicate personally and professionally.



Chicago Tribune: Social Graces

In this appearance, Heidi shares what to say if someone you know "jumps" the line for the Coronavirus vaccine.



Management Matters: How Can Leaders Reconcile Vulnerability and Effectiveness?

In this article, Heidi details why leaders must be selective, and wisely decide when to show vulnerability or their “human side.”


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ABC TV: Valentine's Day Segment


In this appearance, Heidi shared her advice on how people can set meaningful, realistic expectations while celebrating Valentine's Day during COVID-19. 


Etiquipedia: A New Look for a New Year

In this article, Heidi shared the simple rules one should live by to create a perfectly polished work wardrobe. 


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Q&A: Disruption in a Global World

In her interview with Ramona Galea, Heidi discusses the importance of communication, professional tolerance and image.


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Etiquipedia: Minding One's Virtual Manners 

Heidi shares her top 5 foundational etiquette rules to be successful working in a virtual environment.


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Q&A: Cultural Competence

In her interview with Meta Fadrija, Heidi discusses the importance of cross cultural competence when negotiating.



Management Matters: Executive Presence

Heidi shares her take on “Executive Presence: What Is It, and How Do I Get It?” It can be learned, and savvy professionals should use its power to advance their careers in tangible ways.      


Authority Magazine

In her interview with Authority Magazine, Heidi shares how leaders can thrive despite experiencing impostor syndrome.  



Chicago Tribune: Lifestyles

Heidi shares some etiquette and advice on how to handle it when a friend shares a controversial confidence. Friendship and ethics can and should play well together.   


Management Matters: Diversity

Heidi shares her take on “The Undeniable Connection Between Dignity, Respect and Talent Management.” Diversity and inclusion can be tough to cultivate in the workforce, but the benefits far outweigh the effort.    



On the Couch: How to Say No

Heidi shares some advice on “How to Say No” to pushy requests for your time, energy and resources. It’s hard, but you can do it with a little grace.   


Virtual Boozy Brunch

Check out Belinda Chang's Virtual Boozy Brunch Episode 29 where Heidi tackled how to say no and provided guests with a Zoom etiquette lesson.   


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ISPD Protocol and Diplomacy

Dr. Thomas Sladko interviewed Heidi on Instagram Live to discuss some of the finer points of etiquette as more than a set of rules, and the deep need for empathy and understanding in today's unique circumstances.   



Mission Matters

Etiquette and cultural competence are key components of communication. In this episode, Adam Torres sits down with Heidi to explore the world of etiquette and culture.   


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Staying Polite During Social Distancing

Heidi weighs in on how to safely and politely handle potentially volatile situations when people don't want to wear a mask or practice social distancing.  



Cracking Social Codes: Protocol for Success

Heidi kicked off the YWCA East Tennessee chapter’s Emerge leadership training series for young women with a presentation highlighting etiquette, emotional intelligence and executive presence. 



Middle-Pause: When You Feel Like a Fraud

In this article published on Middle-Pause, Heidi explores the realities of imposter syndrome and shares her story and tips for other professional women. 



Fox News Chicago

Heidi offers tips people can use to address or discuss hot-button issues respectfully and empathetically during these tumultuous times.


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Empathy, Emowerment, and Etiquette In the Wake of the Pandemic

In her inaugural webinar, Heidi discussed why it's more important than ever to master the three #E's in your professional and personal life amid COVID-19.



Modern Manners for Moms & Dads

It's not easy being a parent, and handling relationships with other parents when it comes to your child's social calendar and events doesn’t always make it any easier. In this podcast, Heidi offered listeners tips on how to handle socially awkward situations when you’re the parent who’s left out.



Chicago Tribune

In the Tribune’s “Social Graces” column, Heidi offered tips to help employees inoffensively tell their bosses they don’t feel safe going back to work during the pandemic.



WCIU - The Jam TV Show

Heidi appeared on Facebook live to discuss some Covid-19-related etiquette, specifically, what to do when your neighbors are too loud, or how to speak up when people aren’t observing social distances in public.


WGN Radio

Popular WGN Radio host Rollye James interviewed Heidi to gather her best advice on how to gracefully handle uncomfortable situations in a post pandemic world.



Better Than Before

In this Better Than Before podcast episode led by host Tony Richards, Heidi discussed why it's so important to have a firm grasp on the core values of etiquette during the pandemic. Societal changes have prompted an evolution in etiquette "rules" certainly, but some very important foundational tenets remain the same.


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