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Heidi Dulebohn is a certified international cultural consultant. She has created a number of carefully curated, results-oriented offerings to share her expertise in etiquette, leadership development and coaching to help people communicate more effectively, move seamlessly in any social situation anywhere in the world, and demonstrate the very best version of themselves in any venue.


What to Expect

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but Heidi’s clients often acquire:

  • Greater confidence

  • More effective communication skills

  • Stronger relationship-building skills 

  • A more polished and congenial image

  • Actionable skills to help them interact comfortably in any event or situation

  • Strong clues to help create or perfect their professional style 

  • Conflict resolution strategies to enable more productive working relationships

  • Strategies and tips to ensure successful entertaining for business or pleasure

Who Usually Attends

Almost anyone can benefit from a little grooming or an etiquette refresher, but Heidi’s clients are often:  

  • Politicians

  • Professional athletes

  • University and academic leaders

  • Executives 

  • Emerging leaders

  • Recent graduates and students

  • Job seekers

  • Professionals in client-facing roles

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Realtors

  • Country club and hospitality talent


If your goal is to quickly learn, adapt and demonstrate new skills and behaviors that will enhance your etiquette, performance, communication and interactions with others, then private coaching is for you.


Heidi’s one-on-one sessions are built to educate and empower you to act as the architect for your own improvement. Her strategies come from experience and certified mastery from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including an MA Degree with Distinction from the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels, Belgium, with a concentration in Cultural Competence. 

These one-on-one sessions start with one hour — and are open to clients around the world — but often grow to multiple sessions as they are customized to each client’s specific requirements and needs. These are some of the topics Heidi coaches clients on regularly: 

  • Cultural Awareness and Competency

  • Empathy and Leadership

  • Executive Presence and Public Speaking

  • Confidence Building, Body Language and First Impressions

  • Protocol and Etiquette: Dining and Hosting 

  • The New Social Order: Empathy, Empowerment and Etiquette – Because of the depth and breadth of content, Heidi recommends a minimum of two hours for this particular session.

For those who are unable to participate in an in-person session, Heidi also offers one-on-one coaching by phone or via video chat.

Rate: $199 per hour*

*Introductory #stayhome discount valid for first session only

Standard rate $299 per hour 




As a certified international cultural consultant, Heidi Dulebohn is well versed on how people can learn and then leverage the social codes of the various environments in which we live and work. 


By turns motivational and educational, her engaging and interactive in-person keynote presentations are customized for the audience, season, and organization. Their purpose is to teach, encourage and leave an audience with actionable strategies they can adapt and use immediately.

Heidi’s recent keynotes included:


  • Empathetic Leadership

  • The New Social Order

  • Confidence and Empowerment

  • Etiquette’s Modern Face

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Mastering Social Codes
In Business & Life

Now more than ever, communication is critical for our remote work-dominant workplace, operationally and collaboratively. So, Heidi has created a number of timely courses on a variety of topics around empathy, empowerment and etiquette and other high level soft skills to help people navigate the new social codes that power our personal and professional lives. 

Heidi’s curriculum includes:

Mastering Social Codes in Business:

Mastering Social Codes in Life:



Heidi’s group coaching sessions and team building workshops are ideal for corporate settings. Bringing executives or departments together to learn can have a great impact as each person returns to the workforce and implements what they’ve learned individually – and for the good of the group.


Each workshop is customized to an organization or cohort’s specific requirements, and can vary in length from a few hours to half-day events. These are some of the workshops Heidi teaches regularly:


  • Empathetic Leadership in Times of Change

  • The New Social Order: Empathy, Empowerment and Etiquette

  • Digital Communication and Modern Social Codes and Cues

  • Cultural Intelligence: Diversity, Inclusion and Talent

  • Relationship Building: It’s Necessary. It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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"Mrs. Dulebohn has trained employees in the Advancement and Alumni departments at East Tennessee State University. She is incredibly knowledgeable and personable, and the ETSU National Alumni Association has a deep and abiding gratitude for her because she works tirelessly. Students and staff alike adore her and always look forward to learning from her."


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