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Dear Heidi: Can I be fashionably late on Valentine's Day?

Dear Heidi: Is being fashionably late acceptable on Valentine’s Day?

Being on time is a sign of respect.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, if you have a date, prioritize being on time. If you want to signal that you care and are interested in your date, you will be on time. Valentine’s Day is a very busy night and each restaurant times their tables accordingly. Being late, even “fashionably late,” could result in the loss of the table. Or, worse, your tardiness could signal that you simply do not care. Be respectful and be on time; don’t show up late for the relationship.

The social code of “fashionably late” has parameters which you need to know—generally speaking, it is for social events; either be on time, or up to fifteen minutes late—do not be early. Any longer than fifteen minutes late and you’ve crossed from “fashionably late” to “rudely late.” Being late, or worse, always late, sends the message that you are more important and busier than everyone else.

Be respectful, be on time.


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