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Dear Heidi: Who is right—Queen Elizabeth or my mom?

I always preface any etiquette lecture by saying, “Whatever you learned at home is right—for you.”

However, I can teach you what is the expected behavior at the highest circles. So, both your mom and the Queen are right. How’s that for diplomacy?

Royal Etiquette is very specific, very vast and steeped in history and tradition. It can take years, or lifetimes to understand all the intricacies. And only one minute to blow it up on Instagram!

The manners your mother taught you may also be steeped in customs and traditions; your family’s. What your mom and the Queen both have in common is their social codes are rooted in respect and kindness, both of which should be second-nature to us all.

The good news is, we do not have to be royal to practice proper etiquette. Be your best self; be on your best behavior when no one is looking.

Make your mom, and Her Majesty proud; be kind, be respectful and always mind your manners.


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